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Ace of Spades shreds foul NYT story likening Tsarnaev to Holden Caulfield

Wait, what? That can’t be true, can it? Sadly, it is. The fishwrap of record hit a new low, joining the chorus of the morally bankrupt who are trying to “humanize” the Boston bombing suspects.

“But others suggest a more Holden Caulfield-like adolescent alienation…”…

— Slublog (@Slublog) April 24, 2013

More from the New York Times article, which is shamefully listed as “news analysis.

There are lots of references to musicians like Chris Brown, Jay-Z and Michael Jackson; television shows like “Breaking Bad” and “Game of Thrones,” and movies like “Spider-Man” and “Finding Nemo.” He prattles away about Nutella and Frosted Flakes, complains about typos and losing his remote. “Pop-up adds are the worst, on par with mosquitoes,” he tweets on June 17, 2012.

Given the layers of irony, sarcasm and joking often employed on Twitter, it can be difficult to parse the messages of a stranger. Yet some of them can seem menacing or portentous, given what we now suspect: “a decade in america already, I want out,” “Never underestimate the rebel with a cause” or, drawing from lyrics from a Kendrick Lamar song, “No one is really violent until they’re with the homies.” But others suggest a more Holden Caulfield-like adolescent alienation: “some people are just misunderstood by the world thus the increase of suicide rates.” Sometimes, Dzhokhar sounds downright sentimental (unless, of course, he is being ironic): “There are enough worms for all the birds stop killing each other for ‘em.”

If you have a hurl-bucket handy, the rest of it is just as foul. Attempts to create empathy … for a terrorist. Oh, he was just a typical teenage boy! Well, Ms. Kakutani, one of the Boston bombing victims, Martin Richard, will never even get that chance.

Because he was killed at the age of 8.

Holden killed 8 year olds? “@newsbusters: Really? NYT Front Page: Terrorist’s Tweets Suggest ‘Holden

— Pius Pietrzyk (@PiusOP) April 24, 2013

Ace of Spades and other Twitter users destroy the repugnant New York Times article. Read and get your fist ready to pump:

Congratulations @nytimes.You fucking nailed it, as usual.

— DepressiveBlogger69 (@AceofSpadesHQ) April 24, 2013

Compare & Contrast: @usatoday: Mosque had terror connex; @nytimes: “A Holden Caufield-like adolescent alienation…”…

— DepressiveBlogger69 (@AceofSpadesHQ) April 24, 2013

@aceofspadeshq @usatoday @nytimes J.D. Salinger claims two more lives.

— Ben (@BenK84) April 24, 2013

If there’s a way to analogize the Tsarnaevs to a plotline in “Girls,” rest assured the Times will eventually find it…

— Allahpundit (@allahpundit) April 24, 2013

the @nytimes‘ reviewer Michiko Kakutani gave Dzhohkar Tarnaev’s ouevre a more positive review than any conservative book she’s been assigned

— DepressiveBlogger69 (@AceofSpadesHQ) April 24, 2013

Michiko Kakutani is the @nytimes Emergency Fire-ax for chopping up any book by a conservative or about one…

— DepressiveBlogger69 (@AceofSpadesHQ) April 24, 2013

And yet Little Michiko finds ample empathy in her to write that Dzhohkar’s tweets evince a “Holden Caufield like adolescent alienation…”

— DepressiveBlogger69 (@AceofSpadesHQ) April 24, 2013

Compare Michiko Kakatuni’s reviews of conservative books vs. her review of the Tsarnaev tweets– she’s rather higher on the latter.

— DepressiveBlogger69 (@AceofSpadesHQ) April 24, 2013

Update to @nytimes scoop that Dzhohkar had a “Holden Caufield-like adolescent alienation:” He became radicalized against “phonies”

— DepressiveBlogger69 (@AceofSpadesHQ) April 24, 2013

I think @greggutfeld had a cutting insight: There are those who feel more kinship with and attraction towards the Murderers Tsarnaev….

— DepressiveBlogger69 (@AceofSpadesHQ) April 24, 2013

…than any of the dead and maimed, because the Murderers Tsarnaev are now Famous while their victims are not.

— DepressiveBlogger69 (@AceofSpadesHQ) April 24, 2013

Think about that, and then throw up.

— DepressiveBlogger69 (@AceofSpadesHQ) April 24, 2013

The Future Belongs to the Famous, some famous people declared.

— DepressiveBlogger69 (@AceofSpadesHQ) April 24, 2013

The @nytimes‘ “Star Reviewer” Michiko Kakatuni sure seems sympathetic to her fellow Stars (Stars of Murder and Maiming)

— DepressiveBlogger69 (@AceofSpadesHQ) April 24, 2013

The moral depravity is horrifying. Enough. The sane have had enough.

@aceofspadeshq I am just wracking my brain trying to figure out what more we coulda done for welfare cheating drug dealing terrorist bros.

— Grumpier Than Thou (@drawandstrike) April 24, 2013

Exactly. Where is the empathy for the victims? What more could we have done to save them, instead of fretting and hand-wringing over those accused of killing and maiming them.

Want to “analyze” something, New York Times? Try looking at Sean Collier’s life. He was killed during a shootout with the “Holden Caulfield” bombing suspect and was honored at a memorial at MIT today.  Over the weekend, his body was escorted home by a sea of blue.

But you wouldn’t know that, would you? What with being so busy wallowing in depravity.

Try “analyzing” the Richard family: Now left without their son. Martin Richard’s sister has lost her leg and his mother is grievously injured. No “Catcher in the Rye” swooning for them?

For shame, New York Times. For shame.


‘Sick of hearing what a great kid he is’; ‘The Five,’ Twitterers slam media hand-wringing over Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Amanda Palmer doubles down on ‘Poem for Dzhokhar’; Suggests empathy for Tsarnaev makes her better than you

#apoemfordzhokhar: Greg Gutfeld, Twitterers destroy Dzhokhar Tsarnaev empathizer Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer urges empathy for bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

‘Evil people can still go to gym, smile’: Greg Gutfeld’s epic rant on Boston bombing suspects

Awful: Russert tweets ‘must-read’ about ‘beloved’ wrestling captain Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Snark bait: Twitter users propose #MediaQuestionsforDzhokhar

Full Twitchy coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing

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Pro wrestler in ICU after suffering broken neck from serious car wreck!/FrontRowBrian/status/194973337762537472

Pro wrestler Buff Bagwell has been involved in a serious car accident and is in intensive care after flipping his jeep multiple times. The 42-year-old has reportedly suffered multiple broken bones in his neck, face and jaw.

Pro wrestling fans across the nation sent their best wishes.

Marcus 'Buff' Bagwell involved in a serious wreck and is ICU! Our prayers go out to him and his family. Please RT #GetWellBuff

— UCW (@ucwtv) April 24, 2012

My thoughts and prayers are with Buff Bagwell. I wish him a speedy recovery. #GetWellBuff

— Corey Dunn (@acoreydunn) April 25, 2012!/CHANDMAN316/status/194912991152570368

thoughts and prayers go out to Buff Bagwell who was in car crash #GetWellBuff

— VoiceOfTheVoiceless (@KingOfPipeBombs) April 24, 2012

#GetWellBuff !!! Almost in tears!! My prayers go out to his family <3

— Kara Kelley (@Babykakeez) April 24, 2012

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These Awkward Dads Will Make Your Father Look Like James Bond. Put A Shirt On, #8!

Daaaaaaaads, stop it! You’re embarrassing all of us. Those jokes you told to the waitress at Applebee’s last week were bad enough; now you’re holding the family dog over your naked junk for a graduation photo? What were you thinking? No one should have to see that, especially the dog. We’re not mad, we’re just disappointed. Oh, and really, really, weirded out.

1. What a firecracker!

2. The poor kid will be wrestling with this image for their entire life.

3. Woof.

4. Can’t beat those father-son mammaries.

5. Cut it out.

6. Hopefully their embarrassment doesn’t take as long to fade as the tattoo will.

7. Speedon’t.

8. I guess this dad didn’t get the memo about only being a little creepy.

9. At least now the kid knows how not to recycle. That’s a start.

10. Trophy Son.

11. It’s okay, the little guy’s left handed.

12. Never has anyone so young seemed so over it.

13. If you think this is embarrassing now, wait until he starts dancing.

14. It must have been so hard to get that baby to leave the womb.

15. Thank god for moms.

(via: aplus) I can’t believe their children would let them out of the house like that. Just wait until they get home tonight. Share this post using the button below.

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#RejectedOlympicEvents: Better than #NBCFail coverage? Celebs join in



Due to the total #NBCFail coverage of the Olympics, Twitter users are coming up with their own ways to entertain themselves during the rotten coverage. First they came up with #MundaneOlympics. And now: #RejectedOlympicEvents. Even comedian/actor Patton Oswalt gets into the mix.

Turning Japanese #RejectedOlympicEvents

— Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) July 31, 2012

Spelling "BOOBLESS" On A Calculator Relay #RejectedOlympicEvents

— Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) July 31, 2012

Dancing With Tears In Your Eyes #RejectedOlympicEvents

— Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) July 31, 2012

Working Dialogue From FLETCH Into Everyday Conversation #RejectedOlympicEvents

— Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) July 31, 2012

As do actresses Elizabeth Banks and Jennifer Coolidge.

Wrestling with Inner Demons #RejectedOlympicEvents

— Elizabeth Banks (@ElizabethBanks) July 31, 2012

Synchronized hair and makeup #RejectedOlympicEvents

— Jennifer Coolidge (@JENCOOLIDGE) July 31, 2012

Someecards writer Chase Mitchell brings the funny.

Starting Arguments With Strangers Just To Feel Alive Again #RejectedOlympicEvents

— Chase Mitchell (@ChaseMit) July 31, 2012

Comedian” Rob Delaney goes for the unfunny.

Telling Strangers on the Street in Chicago They’re Fat #RejectedOlympicEvents

— rob delaney (@robdelaney) July 31, 2012

400 meter AIDS #RejectedOlympicEvents

— rob delaney (@robdelaney) July 31, 2012

Men’s Humor and Women’s Humor have their own competition:

If sleeping in was an Olympic event, I'd win the Gold. #RejectedOlympicEvents

— Men's Humor (@MensHumor) July 31, 2012

#RejectedOlympicEvents Menstrual Cycling

— Women's Humor (@WomensHumor) July 31, 2012

And Twitter users from across the spectrum add their own. Here are some of our favorites.

Skeet Belittling #rejectedolympicevents

— Megan McCoy (@GoTeamMegan) July 31, 2012

Pinning pinterest boards #RejectedOlympicEvents #pgp

— Pretty Girl Problems (@PrettyGrlProb) July 31, 2012

#RejectedOlympicEvents Extreme Ironing –

— Ghetto Uberfacts (@GhettoUberfacts) July 31, 2012

#RejectedOlympicEvents slowly alienating everyone who loves you with your erratic turns between narcissism and needy self-loathing

— MattyTalks (@mattytalks) July 31, 2012

#RejectedOlympicEvents -The Bend & Snap. #MGP

— MeanGirlProblems (@MeanGirlProblem) July 31, 2012

#RejectedOlympicEvents quickest blunt roll

— That High Doge (@ThatHighDoge) July 31, 2012

#rejectedolympicevents lightsabre fencing

— Leonard Hofstadter (@TheRealLeonardH) July 31, 2012

#RejectedOlympicEvents pin the emotion on the Kristen Stewart

— Xangrim (@alexgrimwood) July 31, 2012

#RejectedOlympicEvents: who can run the fastest to the fridge and back before the tv show comes back on

— James Seekings (@jxmesseekings) July 31, 2012

Tim Horton’s goes for the “always be closing” gold!

Coffee drinking? #RejectedOlympicEvents

— Tim Hortons (@TimHortons) July 31, 2012


More entertaining than NBC’s coverage of the actual events? You decide! And keep them coming, Twitter.


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I Swore I Wouldn’t Cry, But There’s No Stopping It When You See The End Of This Man’s Life.

This is Scott. He was dying of liver disease and was not expected to make it much longer. He also had Down Syndrome. His nephew decided to post a little bit about him online – some of his interests and what he enjoys doing – not for pity or sympathy, but just to let the world know about his incredible uncle and what he was going through. And that’s when literally thousands of people from all around the world decided to make the end of Scott’s life something very, very special.

Scott used to love writing. He would write down notes, thoughts and more. This thank you is the last thing he wrote.

What strangers did for him brought out the happiness inside of him, no matter how sick he got.

He was sent literal piles of mail from people who wanted to show how much he was loved.

His grandmother helped him go through some of the letters.

Users on sent him these to keep him happy while his health was failing.

Scott received letters, but also gifts from companies. Sony Music even sent him CDs.

Strangers spent hours creating gifts for Scott, like this painting.

They brought happiness to him when things were looking grim.

A Redditor painted a picture of Stevie Wonder for Scott.

He loved it!

Scotty loved wrestling, so someone made him a custom wrestling mask.

Scott proudly hung his mail in the living room, behind where his hospital bed was set up.

He was always a bit camera shy…

His nephew delighted in reading his letters out to him as his health slid away.

A kind man from Australia sent a huge package with lots of neat stuff for Scott, even money and a hat.

Here he is asleep with his new hat on.

Dreamworks pictures sent Scotty How to Train Your Dragon.

This is a picture of Scott and his mother when he was still healthy.

You are SO loved Scott and you will be missed.

Scott passed away shortly after receiving so much kindness. Even though he was weak at the end, going through his mail was always a bright spot during the day. This is what the original poster had to say about the amazing outreach online: I explained his situation, listed some of his interests (art, WWE wrestling, family, food, music, etc), and asked if anyone felt like sending him a letter — and you guys sure delivered! About two months ago a few news outlets picked up the story: Mashable, LA Times, GOOD Magazine, CBS, MSNBC In all, Scott received over 1,000 letters and gifts. It’s quite incredible thinking about the amount of time and thought put into each piece of mail. The mail came from all over the world, including Japan, Sweden, Ethiopia, Jordan, Australia, Poland, and many more far away countries. Thank you reddit for thinking of my uncle – he will surly be missed. Faith in humanity = officially restored. Source

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These Strange Competitions From Around The World Seem Too Bizarre To Be Real.

If you’re good at a seemingly useless talent, I’m sure your mom told you to stop doing it and learn how to do something useful. Unfortunately for your mom, there are a ton of competitions for seemingly useless talents. There is also big prize money involved in being the best at those useless talents. So they’re not so useless now, eh, mom?

1.) Baby Crawling

This is a baby crawling race. They happen all across the world, but the largest one happens in China.

2.) Cheese Rolling

This competition involves rolling a 9 pound wheel of cheese down Cooper’s Hill in England. Competitors chase the cheese down the hill. The first person down the hill takes the cheese.

3.) Nailympia

The Olympics of fingernails occurs every year, and has occurred for 10 years now. There are normal categories and ridiculous ones, like the fantasy category.

4.) Tree Climbing

In Indonesia, they grease trees in order for teams of contestants try to climb to the top, where prizes are located.

5.) Toe Wrestling

This competition began in a local English pub. It is now a national competition.

6.) Baby Crying

This is a 400+ year old contest held in Japan, where sumo wrestlers try to make babies cry by making faces at them. It is said to bring good health to the babies.

7.) Ostrich Racing

These races are popular in Africa and some parts of the U.S. It is similar to horse racing, except ostrich jockeys routinely fall off their steeds due to their unpredictability.

8.) Shovel Racing

Shovel racing started as a way for ski lift operators to get down a mountain. It can be done on regular or modified shovels, and reach speeds of 60 mph. It was in the first X Games, but was removed due to safety concerns. It was too extreme for the EXTREME games.

9.) Lawnmower Racing

This racing competition became popular in the U.S., parts of England, and Australia.

10.) Cell Phone Throwing

These competitions are held in numerous locations, with the world championships held in Finland. Many events are sponsored by recycling companies, and competitors throw old phones in hopes of winning a new one.

11.) Air Guitar

This seems pretty self-explanatory. While there are many iterations of this competition, the biggest and first championship appeared in Finland in 1996, and continues annually.

12.) Roach Racing

Australia is home to the Roach Racing competition. Contestants bring roaches to the event and release them in the center of a tarp. The first roach to reach the edge wins.

13.) Wife Carrying

These championships are held all over the globe. Husbands carry their wives through obstacle courses, hoping to cross the finish line first. The world championships occur in Finland every year.

14.) Worm Charming

Worm charmers get a small plot of land and try to get the most amount of worms out of the soil in an allotted time period. The record is held by a 10-year-old girl who charmed 567 worms out of the ground.

15.) Beard And Mustache Championships

Taking place all over the U.S. and Europe, this competition has many categories and competitors. It took place since 1990 and is growing after being featured in the documentary, Mansome, along with appearances in a few other mainstream media outlets.

16.) Rock-Paper-Scissors

This is another competition held in many countries. The most popular one even has a Bud Light sponsorship.

17.) Bed Racing

There are bed races all over the world, and they require at least one member of the team to ride on the bed. Many bed races are held to raise money for charity.

18.) Bee Wearing

This Chinese contest is beyond bizarre. The winner is decided by the most weight of bees. The Guinness World Record holder wore around 87 pounds, which was around 350,000 bees.

19.) Cherry Pit Spitting

Michigan is home to the longest running cherry pit spitting competition, at 41 years. The record distance is over 93 feet.

20.) Gurning Championship

This yearly English competition involves competitors making the ugliest face they can. I’m not sure I’d want to win this competition.

21.) Black Pudding Throwing Championship

Another English Competition, this one involves competitors throwing black pudding wrapped in women’s tights at Yorkshire puddings on a 20 foot platform.

22.) Air Sex

If air guitar isn’t wild enough for you, go compete in the Air Sex World Championships. Since 2009, there was a nationwide tour across the U.S., where regional winners are crowned. The winners go on to compete in a final tournament to crown the ultimate victor.

See! All that time I’ve been air guitaring, air sexing, and bee wearing will finally pay off. Now I just have to enter the competitions…

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Fans mourn Ultimate Warrior with memories of Wrestling Buddies [pics]

#RIPUltimateWarrior trended on Twitter throughout the day Wednesday as pro-wrestling fans heard the news of The Ultimate Warrior’s death. Many were haunted by the wrestling icon’s “chilling and eerie” final appearance on “Monday Night Raw.” Others looked back at their youth and reminisced (or overshared) about their Ultimate Warrior Wrestling Buddies.


Uh … TMI. Anyone else?

A little story….
When I was five/six year old. I had an Ultimate Warrior wrestling buddy.
Almost every night I would have my dad (1/4)— Itsa me (@TexanFreakshow) April 09, 2014!/Damo_84/status/453889927424794624!/JohnJofre/status/453900040248229888

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