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Homeless Man’s Act Of Kindness Completely Leaves YouTube Pranksters In Awe.

In this video by YouTube users ModelPrankstersTV, they offered two homeless men the opportunity to win $100 simply by arm wrestling each other. They told the men who ever won would get the money… but what they didn’t tell them is that whoever lost the contest would get a $50 consolation prize. Ultimately, it was the pranksters who ended up being truly surprised by what happened.

I won’t spoil it for you, so watch the video below.

(Source: ModelPrankstersTV)

What a touching act, shows us that it’s often those who have the least to give who turn out to be the most generous.

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‘The Five,’ Twitterers slam media hand-wringing over Dzhokhar Tsarnaev!/SwordofDamocles/status/326636704553373698

That was beautiful. Yesterday on Fox News’ “The Five,” Greg Gutfeld followed up on his excellent Twitter rant, wherein he slammed those who wish to find “root causes” and humanize the Boston bombing suspects. 

@greggutfeld We all need to read this, when they try to humanize the punk. He lost that right on 4/15 #tcot

— epcpotown (@epcpotown) April 20, 2013

He also destroyed “performer” Amanda Palmer, who wrote a poem urging empathy for the surviving Boston bombing suspect. She has since doubled-down on her moral bankruptcy.

Members of the media have been out sickly “humanizing” in force.

Predictably, the @nyt effort to humanize & cast the Boston mass-murdering terrorists as misunderstood victims begins…

— Andy Rutledge (@andyrutledge) April 19, 2013


Twitchy reported on the latest one: Luke Russert, who tweeted out a “must-read” article that detailed how Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was a “beloved” wrestling captain.

Deplorable. A Bostonian replied to Mr. Russert.

@lukerussert @sipetethamel Gentlemen w/ all respect I think most of us in Watertown are sick of hearing what a great kid he was.

— Scott Shuster (@Scottshuster11) April 22, 2013

Thank you, sir. Boston, and those suffering from the attacks, continue to be in our prayers. Humanize them.

@nbc@cnn @abc @cbs all want to “humanize bombers” HEY “so called” journalists how about humanizing the VICTIMS who DIED or the INJURED

— Sue (@mackette52) April 23, 2013

Twitter users have noticed the sickening displays and they are disgusted.

I’m sure the Boston Globe won’t try to humanize Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, but the rest of the Leftist Press is in Victimology Overdrive. #UniteBlue

— BreitTwit (@BreitTwit1) April 20, 2013

“I’m killing you because of my radical beliefs””You don’t mean that””No, really. This is part of my jihad””You were bullied,weren’t you?”

— Will Antonin (@Will_Antonin) April 23, 2013

The quasi-sympathetic “bomber brothers struggled with new identities in America” feature pieces are doing no favors for immigration reform.

— jimgeraghty (@jimgeraghty) April 23, 2013

But, society!

Challenge: As the left is fond of saying “society is to blame,” and they are, by definition, part of society….

— DepressiveBlogger69 (@AceofSpadesHQ) April 23, 2013

I challenge the left to specify in which ways that THEY are actually to blame.

— DepressiveBlogger69 (@AceofSpadesHQ) April 23, 2013

Because when they say “society is to blame,” it sounds like a passive-aggressive way of saying “Others, not us on the left, are to blame.”

— DepressiveBlogger69 (@AceofSpadesHQ) April 23, 2013

And when they say “we” in these noodlings it sounds a lot like “YOU” — the Accusatory…

— DepressiveBlogger69 (@AceofSpadesHQ) April 23, 2013

So if the left wants to push this line, I want them to either make it plain that they are accusing others, or explain in which ways…

— DepressiveBlogger69 (@AceofSpadesHQ) April 23, 2013

…they are personally at fault for these sorts of things.I’m tired of them “taking blame” on my behalf

— DepressiveBlogger69 (@AceofSpadesHQ) April 23, 2013

by the way, if “society” is to blame, what society were the brothers situated in? Seems they were at a leftist institution in a liberal city

— DepressiveBlogger69 (@AceofSpadesHQ) April 23, 2013

They weren’t going to Tea Party meetings and they weren’t learning how to “Otherize” people from Southerners or Christians orRepublicans.

— DepressiveBlogger69 (@AceofSpadesHQ) April 23, 2013

Bingo. Blame evil. Case closed.

People have had enough.

Omg! Why are they trying to humanize the Boston bombers?!?!? Stop already.

— Katie (@katieejo2) April 23, 2013


— Robert Rossi (@RVRossi) April 19, 2013

The Leftist media today is actually trying to humanize and justify the Boston terrorists actions. #GrowUp #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

— Eric Bandazewski (@EricBandazewski) April 23, 2013

tired of hearing what a ‘great guy’ Tsarnaev was.he’s a suspected child-killing cop assassin bomber #CNN #Boston #Watertown #NotSuchAGoodGuy

— Ian J Barritt (@BazTastic77) April 19, 2013

@2611usa @chickenfoot99 @nationofatooi Trying to humanize the bombers. We somehow let this “young man” down. After all Islam=peace

— Jennifer Glynn (@jenniferglynn) April 21, 2013

Why are they trying to humanize the bombers? “He was a good student, great athelete.” Why is that important?!

— Angelina (@anhel_ina) April 19, 2013

@basquelady2u Another issue not to get me started on. Since we found out who the bombers were, they have been trying to humanize them.

— CFLancop (@CFLancop) April 22, 2013

Part of me wants to be astonished at how they’re going out of their way to humanize the wanted Boston suspect.

— Harrison Wright (@GQPhive) April 19, 2013

i wish the media would stop trying to humanize this suspect. he’s a cold-blooded murderer. there’s nothing human about that.

— courtney. (@ctcecelia) April 19, 2013

I wish @abcnews would stop trying to humanize this suspect. I don’t care if he was “pleasant or easygoing” #terrorist

— Andrew William (@aws215) April 19, 2013

omg can we pls stop fucking trying to humanize the bombers i’m so done

— blee ♡ (@2jib) April 20, 2013

Why do we try and humanize the Boston Bombers? News flash – they’re terrorists.

— Chris Gunstream (@ChrisGunstream) April 23, 2013

#manhunt Hey, Lefty Media ; In your attempt to humanize, let’s NOT forget: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev put Bomb next to 8-year-old @cnnnewsroom @msnbc

— stephen repasi (@ReppSteve) April 19, 2013

The end. Stop hiding behind “humanizing” and “understanding.” Evil is evil. By avoiding that truth, you spit on the grave of every person victimized and killed in acts of evil. There is good and there is evil: No amount of chatter about “root causes” or reprehensible attempts to paint alleged perpetrators of horrible crimes as misunderstood “great guys” will change that.

Want to talk about real great guys?

Just got the greatest message from our local Watertown police department thanking the community for helping out in a big way. Great guys!

— Christopher Ahlberg (@cahlberg) April 22, 2013

Humanize them. Humanize men like the MIT officer, Sean Collier, who was killed during a gunfight with the Boston bombing suspects.

Now he was a great guy. Rest in peace, Sean Collier.


Amanda Palmer doubles down on ‘Poem for Dzhokhar’; Suggests empathy for Tsarnaev makes her better than you

#apoemfordzhokhar: Greg Gutfeld, Twitterers destroy Dzhokhar Tsarnaev empathizer Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer urges empathy for bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

‘Evil people can still go to gym, smile’: Greg Gutfeld’s epic rant on Boston bombing suspects

Awful: Russert tweets ‘must-read’ about ‘beloved’ wrestling captain Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Snark bait: Twitter users propose #MediaQuestionsforDzhokhar

Full Twitchy coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing

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Our 9 Favorite Feature Stories This Week: Trans Rights, Lance Armstrong, And The Real Nick Cave

This week for BuzzReads, Nicole Pasulka profiles a transgender woman who sued the D.C. police. Read that and these other stories from around BuzzFeed and the web.

1. The Woman Who Helped Change How Police Treat Transgender People — BuzzFeed


After D.C. resident Patti Hammond Shaw was arrested, she claimed male officers searched her and locked her up with men who allegedly abused and threatened her. This is how she fought to make sure this won’t happen to others. Read it at BuzzFeed.

2. Lance Armstrong in Purgatory: The AfterlifeEsquire

Photograph by Joe Pugliese for Esquire

John H. Richardson visits with the cyclist — now legendary for reasons off the bike: “Life is good, he insists. He has five happy children. He’s learned who his real friends are. And he is learning to not fight all the time. Really. A fringe benefit of crushing defeat is learning to accept things.” Read it at Esquire.

3. Cliven Bundy’s WarGQ

Jason Bean/Las Vegas Review-Journal / AP Photo

Zach Baron travels to the Nevada desert eight days after a “successful” rebellion against the US government: “Before the republic — that’s what I’d been calling it in my head: the Independent Sovereign Republic of Cliven Bundy — this was a disused gravel pit. Now it’s a sandy hospitality suite for the men who’d come to fight.” Read it at GQ.

4. How College Wrestling Star “Tiger Mandingo” Became An HIV Scapegoat — BuzzFeed

Justine Zwiebel for BuzzFeed

In St. Charles, Missouri, a once popular college wrestler named Michael Johnson was incarcerated for exposing partners to HIV — to much community uproar. Steven Thrasher examines why so many are so eager to turn against him. Read it at BuzzFeed.

5. In Sweden, Being a Prostitute Is Legal, But Paying for One Isn’t — BuzzFeed

Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed

The “Nordic model” is becoming ever more influential around the world, Jina Moore reports. But public health officials and some human rights workers wonder if Sweden is making life worse for prostitutes. Read it at BuzzFeed.

6. I Am the Real Nick CaveNew York Times Magazine

Drafthouse Films / Via

John Wray profiles the singular musician, screenwriter, novelist, and occasional actor as he promotes 20,000 Days on Earth, a film about his life. “Perhaps more than any of his contemporaries … Cave has managed to invent a self-contained, coherent fictional world that both he and his followers can enter at will; a kind of exercise in collaborative mythmaking that seems to deepen with each variation on the theme.” Read it at the New York Times Magazine.

7. Swing Away: The Untold Story Of The First Home Run DerbyFox Sports

Fox Sports North

Twenty years ago, the Major League Baseball All-Star Game featured the first-ever home run derby. Erik Malinowski explains what made it so special: “All that the contest needed to do was live up to the hype. What resulted instead was a fortuitous confluence of events that added up to one of the most remarkable afternoons in baseball history.” Read it at Fox Sports.

8. “Speaking up every. Fucking. Time”Matter

Illustration by Victo Ngai for Matter

Elizabeth Spiers set out to profile Shanley Kane, the 27-year-old co-creator and now sole proprietor of Model View Culture, a media organization focused on diversity in tech. What she found was a surprising challenge. Read it at Matter.

9. She’s Still Dying on FacebookThe Atlantic

flickr/Holly Lay / Via

Five years after her best high school friend died, the result of a long struggle with addiction, Julie Buntin writes movingly about her continued half-life on social media. Read it at The Atlantic.

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‘This is a pic of no one!’ Carpenter live-tweets DC Health Link’s O-care help!/amandacarpenter/status/407885945002672128

As Twitchy reported, Amanda Carpenter has been struggling with the “freaking infuriating” Obamacare enrollment process. She has been live-tweeting her attempts to, you know, comply with the law as a Senate staffer.

DC Health Link was to help Senate staffers enroll in Obamacare on Tuesday. Amanda Carpenter live-tweeted the experience.

Learning from their boss Obama, we see. Way to lead by example, champ! Evidently, your time is not worth as much as theirs, Senate staffers who are being forced to comply with a horrendous law!

The wait continued:

Success? For a certain value of “success”:

Will this enrollment attempt finally “take”? Stay tuned! In the meantime, this Twitter user has a wise suggestion:

Lady smarts!


‘Freaking infuriating’: Amanda Carpenter still wrestling with insurance marketplace

‘Crash crash crash’: Amanda Carpenter live-tweets Obamacare sign-up experience

Bam-tastic! Amanda Carpenter sums up difference between Obamacare supporters and opponents

Full Twitchy coverage of Amanda Carpenter

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19 Unforgettable Children’s Books That Celebrate Diversity

Go beyond all the same old stories.

1. The Princess Cupcake Jones series by Yllena Fields

This African-American princess goes on adventures all kids can relate to in these books which feature mellifluous rhymes and attractive illustrations.

2. Please, Puppy, Please by Spike Lee & Tonya Lewis Lee

The acclaimed filmmaker (Do The Right Thing, Malcolm X) and his wife wrote this book about a pair of energetic toddlers who meet an even more energetic puppy. The duo also wrote the companion book, Please, Baby, Please.

3. Curlilocks and the Three Pink Pandas by Yolanda King

This clever twist on the classic fairy tale features adorable illustrations and a good lesson.

4. Hot, Hot Roti for Dada-ji by F. Zia

An Indian-American boy’s grandfather shares with his grandson his adventures as a boy in India (trying to tie cobras in knots!) and his love of Indian cuisine.

5. Rifka Takes A Bow by Betty Rosenberg Perlov

Set in the 1920s, Rifka is the daughter of actors in the Yiddish Theater who one day finds herself center stage.

6. Bee-Bim Bop! by Linda Sue Park

Newbery Medal winner Park has woven a delightful tale about a modern Korean-American family and the delicious food they enjoy.

7. The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi

When Unhei moves to America from Korea, she vows to change her name because she worries that her new classmates won’t be able to pronounce it. The sweet twist is that, when her classmates learn of her name’s meaning, they urge her to keep it.

8. King For A Day by Rukhsana Khan

Set in the spring during the centuries-old Basant Festival, King For A Day tells the story of Malik, a boy who uses a wheelchair, as he competes with other kids in the traditional sport of kite fighting.

9. Niño Wrestles the World by Yuyi Morales

This quirky tale introduces the world to Niño, a wrestling-loving Mexican kid who takes on and defeats a series of increasingly formidable foes.

10. The Cazuela That the Farm Maiden Stirred by Samantha R. Vamos

Deftly mixing words in both Spanish and English, this beautifully-illustrated book dramatizes the making of a heaping pot of arroz con leche.

11. Starring Hillary by Kathy Caple

A little girl — anthropomorphized as a cat — worries that she might not win a part in the school play because she’s “a little on the round side,” but when she embraces who she is she impresses at the audition.

12. Fly Away Home by Eve Bunting

This book is a starkly honest portrayal of a homeless boy and his father who live in an airport terminal.

13. Mommy’s New Tattoo: A Bedtime Story for People by Levi Greenacres

Written by a tattooist, this alternative bedtime story is about a little girl who visits a tattoo parlor with her mother and learns about the beauty — and lasting consequences — of body art.

14. Keeping Up With Roo by Sharlee Glenn

This poignant story is about Gracie, a girl whose best friend is her Aunt Roo. However, when Gracie grows older and realizes her aunt is mentally challenged, she worries about what people will think about her.

15. Crazy Horse’s Vision by Joseph Bruchac

Abenaki author Bruchac dramatizes the childhood of legendary Native American hero, Crazy Horse, back when he was known as “Curly” because of his curly hair.

16. Susan Laughs by Jeanne Willis

Susan is a little girl who can do everything her peers do. On the last page, however, it is revealed that Susan uses a wheelchair.

17. Mommy, Mama, and Me & Daddy, Papa, and Me by Lesléa Newman

These books follow a pair of toddlers as their loving same-sex parents take care of them.

18. The Boy With Pink Hair by Perez Hilton

A little boy who is teased for being different learns to appreciate his uniqueness thanks to his parents and best friend.

19. I Am Jazz by by Jessica Herthel & Jazz Jennings

Co-author Jazz Jennings tells the story of her real-life experiences as a transgender child.

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TMI: Martha Stewart oops-tweets a cryptic message; hilarity ensues!/MarthaStewart/status/326365867111772160

Huh? RT @marthastewart: OiI

— Shauna R. (@slr) April 22, 2013

Oh dear. Cryptic message? DM gone wrong? Worse, this was Martha Stewart’s previous tweet.

Matrix lunch at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. All women honorees

— Martha Stewart (@MarthaStewart) April 22, 2013

Women honorees and oil? Too much information, Martha. We do not want to know. Twitter users, however, do want to know. Or, at least, they want to venture some guesses and mock like the wind!

I love it when Martha gets all cryptic. RT @marthastewart: OiI

— vera m. (@missverasays) April 22, 2013

@marthastewart Black gold?Texas Tea?

— Zac Morris (@ZacWolf) April 22, 2013

@marthastewart Water

— Jessica Tanner (@jtanner25) April 22, 2013

@marthastewart coconut for stovetop popcorn

— Anne-Marie Lindsey (@DoNotFaint) April 22, 2013

@marthastewart Oil is this countries worse enemy and the men behind destroying our planet and every single person on this planet!!!

— PamelaAnnMargarWalsh (@AngelClover1948) April 22, 2013

Oh, honey.

@marthastewart oh my god what happing

— mohamed ali (@medbunss) April 22, 2013

@marthastewart wrestling?

— Justyouraverage guy (@Justyouravrgguy) April 22, 2013

Oh no. Thanks bunches for that visual.

No War For RT @marthastewart: OiI

— Sam Knight (@samknight1) April 22, 2013

RT @igorbobic It’s a good thing RT @marthastewart: OiI

— Brian Beutler (@brianbeutler) April 22, 2013

More, please!

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How bad was he? This Eric Holder, Sebelius analogy is perfect!/OliverCanine/status/515227052971405312

As Twitchy readers know, Attorney General Eric Holder is reportedly resigning. Sen. Schumer rushed in with a disgusting and delusional claim. But this analogy is the winner:

Eric Holder was to justice as Kathleen Sebelius was to web design.

— Chris Stigall (@ChrisStigall) September 25, 2014


Good one. RT@MelissaTweets: RT @ChrisStigall: Eric Holder was to justice as Kathleen Sebelius was to web design.

— Dave Alexander (@DaveAlexander3) September 25, 2014


Does THIS absurd tweet about Eric Holder prove Sen. Schumer is ‘delusional’? (Spoiler: OMG yes)

‘Good Lord!’ This claim about Eric Holder is Chuck Todd’s most idiotic lie yet (No, for serious)

Holder resignation ‘just a coincidence?’ Pro wrestling’s Eric Bischoff doesn’t seem to think so

Whoa: ‘Department of Scandal’ getting a vacancy? Eric Holder reportedly resigning

So, why’s Eric Holder resigning now? Here’s one promising theory

GROAN! Sally Kohn’s reason Eric Holder won’t be moving to Salem, Mass. is hack-tastic

Better call Saul! You should consider these #HolderReplacementNominees [photos]

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The Odd Squad: You’ll never guess who Donald Rumsfeld hung out with [photo]!/WarOnWarOff/status/523239599254958080

Well, here’s something you don’t see every day!

With #PaulRevere Artie Muller #BillyRayCyrus Donald Rumsfeld at #RollingThunder.

— Nancy Sinatra (@NancySinatra) October 17, 2014

Donald Rumsfeld and … Nancy Sinatra? Given Sinatra’s feelings about Republicans and conservatives in general, it’s definitely a little jarring to see her smiling with Rumsfeld. And indeed, some of her followers didn’t dig it:

@NancySinatra Rumsfeld, one of the treasonous war criminals in W's administration? How disappointing.

— diAnnA's bayou (@Cajun_Manor) October 17, 2014

@NancySinatra I think that I would have cut Rumsfeld out of this picture and bet Frank would have felt the same way.

— Rebel Rouser (@bubbadeloach) October 17, 2014

But Rolling Thunder is a cause near and dear to Sinatra’s heart, and she made it clear to her followers what this was all about:

We were honored to have someone from the White House show up and support the cause. @bubbadeloach

— Nancy Sinatra (@NancySinatra) October 17, 2014

Please try to remember it's not about politics. It's about our veterans. @bubbadeloach

— Nancy Sinatra (@NancySinatra) October 17, 2014

#RollingThunder is about veterans not politics. Let's keep our eye on the ball. 😉@Cajun_Manor

— Nancy Sinatra (@NancySinatra) October 17, 2014

@NancySinatra I support the Vets completely. Just don't have any use for those whose lies caused the deaths of so many.

— Rebel Rouser (@bubbadeloach) October 17, 2014

I understand. We can hate war and still support our troops and veterans. @bubbadeloach

— Nancy Sinatra (@NancySinatra) October 17, 2014

@NancySinatra @bubbadeloach As one of those veterans, thank you.

— Ken (@angrypuppyfilms) October 17, 2014

@NancySinatra @Cajun_Manor you tell them Nancy ! Roll On

— robert (@bardorobot) October 17, 2014




Donald Rumsfeld reminisces as 80th birthday nears; Left attacks him

Donald Rumsfeld: Save Olympic wrestling!

Donald Rumsfeld wishes outgoing Defense Sec. Leon Panetta well

Rumsfeld honors Iraq anniversary; Rob Delaney tweets ‘blood-gargling psychopath,’ sickos spew death wishes

‘Putin is punching way above his weight class’: Donald Rumsfeld weighs in on Ukraine

Donald Rumsfeld has ‘absolutely no idea’ if his tax return is accurate

Nancy Sinatra asks Charlie Daniels to perform for Rolling Thunder

Nancy Sinatra asks GOP women to ‘snap out of it’

Her boots are made for bravely running away: Nancy Sinatra blocks Twitter users, falsely flags them as spam

‘It’s tragic’: Nancy Sinatra mourns SCOTUS ruling’s impact on ‘We the (little) People’

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