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This comedian hilariously brought up knives to make a great point about guns.

Comedian Cameron Esposito will not be getting a gun.

And for good reason. Multiple studies have shown that guns kept in homes are far less likely to be used to provide self-defense than they are to be involved in an accidental shooting, criminal act, or suicide attempt.

So yeah.

See? I told you. Not getting a gun. GIFs from Cameron Esposito/Seeso.

In a clip from her upcoming special “Marriage Material,” Esposito tackles gun culture.

Specifically, she takes aim (pun intended) at the idea that having a gun in the home is a great way to keep your house and family safe when as mentioned above removing the gun from your home is one of the best things you can do if you’re genuinely concerned about safety.

And she’s got a great point. Between December 2012 and December 2013, more than 100 children were killed in unintentional shootings with nearly two-thirds of those shootings happening in the home or vehicle of the victim’s family.

Accidental shootings are no joke, and that’s why Esposito had to make it one.

On stage in the past, she’s come to the defense of Planned Parenthood, so she’s no stranger to tough topics.

“Standup is a language and a way of processing the world,” Esposito says. “My interest what I find to be the whole point of my being on this planet is using standup to get at and digest the things that make us raw and separate and united and furious and resilient.”

“Gun violence is one of those things, now more than ever. We are all wrestling with the presence of gun violence in our country I am just wrestling with it publicly.”

Rather than cutting off communication with those who disagree with us on this issue, Esposito thinks we need to increase it.

In one of her shows, Esposito encountered a man in the front row who opened her eyes to the importance of a clear dialogue between people on both sides of the issue. The man former military, security worker at Columbine High School, has a concealed carry permit engaged in an open and honest discussion with Esposito on the topic of guns. And while neither of them may have changed their minds on this complex issue, at least they heard each other’s point of view.

“Speaking with him really trying to understand his experience and his position as a gun owner was the best part of that show for me,” she tells Upworthy. “I truly believe stronger background checks would protect gun owners just as much as they would protect non-gun owners because we are all better protected when deadly objects cars, planes, guns require operational training, but I learn exactly how to make my case for that better through conversations like the one I had with him.”

“Marriage Material” debuts March 24, 2016, on Seeso, NBC’s new streaming service.

Check out the gun control clip below.

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Roger Ebert, Salon: ‘What’s the deal with magic Mormon underwear? Gay?’!/ebertchicago/status/221705017730678784

Ah, the tolerance bullies are back with their intolerance and bigotry. Last night, it was Salon and Roger Ebert, both taking a page from Cher’s anti-Mormon bigot book. The oh-so-enlightened, Smarter Than You Roger Ebert tweeted out the despicable Salon article and was quickly taken to task by Twitter users.

Congratulations! I'm out of reasons to take you seriously! #CretinousBigot RT @ebertchicago: So what's the deal with magic Mormon underwear?

— Angela Nelson (@angelaisms) July 8, 2012

Cretinous bigot, indeed. The Salon article not only mocks “magic underwear,” but it also then goes on to gay bash. From Salon:

This is not to say that Mormon Garments have no place in the history or future of erotica. You say tomayto, I say tomaaahhhto. Interestingly, the Garment may owe its existence to Joseph Smith wrestling with his own high libido. As recent research on homosexuality suggests, people who are struggling to contain or suppress their own sexuality may be particularly interested in controlling the sexuality of others. Historians are unclear on the number of women Smith actually married and the number with which he simply had sexual relationships. The list of his wives, first published in the late 19th century and still debated, includes 27 names. Despite this, Smith preached against polygamy till his death. Was the design of the Garment (then a full-body, long-sleeved, button-up affair) the product of a divine revelation, Smith’s sexual tastes, or his effort to suppress desire? You decide.

See, ripping on a religion is hilarious to the Left. Then, they have to add gay bashing just for extra effect: “Joseph Smith was totally super gay and stuff!”

Huh. It’s funny how the Left claims to be tolerant and inclusive, yet lefties are the first to jump in to use being gay as an attempted insult.

These Twitter users continue to give Roger Ebert the business and deservedly so.

AFAIK, Mormons don't have "magic underwear"…seems a pejorative misnomer. Sacred ≠ magic (e.g., scapulars ≠ "magic necklaces"). @ebertchicago

— Steven D. Greydanus (@DecentFilms) July 7, 2012

Hey, @ebertchicago, are you also curious about the "magic necklaces" that Catholics have?

— Angela Nelson (@angelaisms) July 8, 2012

Mostly that you're an ignorant fool. RT @ebertchicago So what's the deal with magic Mormon underwear?

— Pablo (@Pablo_1791) July 8, 2012

Hey, @ebertchicago, are you also curious about the "magical beanies" that Jewish men wear?

— Angela Nelson (@angelaisms) July 8, 2012

Hey, @ebertchicago, are you also curious about the "magical potato sacks" that women are forced to wear in Islamist countries?

— Angela Nelson (@angelaisms) July 8, 2012

Hey, @ebertchicago, are you also curious about those "magic lower-case 't's" that most Christians like to wear?

— Angela Nelson (@angelaisms) July 8, 2012

Or perhaps, @ebertchicago, you're simply just a spiteful little man who gets his rocks off by mocking that of which he has no understanding.

— Angela Nelson (@angelaisms) July 8, 2012

You know, @ebertchicago, I could explain the Mormon thing that you so disparage. But I take care not to cast my pearls before swine.

— Angela Nelson (@angelaisms) July 8, 2012

.@BradEssex An excellent question. Hey, @ebertchicago, do you wonder about Amish men and their "magic beards"?

— Angela Nelson (@angelaisms) July 8, 2012

Mostly that you're an ignorant fool. RT @ebertchicago So what's the deal with magic Mormon underwear?

— Pablo (@Pablo_1791) July 8, 2012

BIGOT > RT @ebertchicago So what's the deal with magic Mormon underwear?

— Joe the Dissident (@joethepatriotic) July 8, 2012

What's the deal w/ Rev Wright's anti semitism? RT @joethepatriotic BIGOT > RT @ebertchicago So what's the deal with magic Mormon underwear?

— Heather (@hmfearny) July 8, 2012

@ebertchicago: So what's the deal with magic Mormon underwear?” Harry Reid might know…ask him.

— Bobbi Jo Rohrberg (@BobbiJoR) July 7, 2012

.@ebertchicago: TRULY WANNA KNOW ABOUT MORMON UNDERCLOTHES? ASK ONE! Have you asked all religions ignorant questions~Catholics re communion?

— Shelli WaltersJahns (@mawaltersjahns) July 8, 2012

RT shows left's idea of tolerance. #TotalHypocrites @ebertchicago So what's the deal with magic Mormon underwear?

— Chris Reed (@chrisreed99) July 7, 2012

Seriously? I expected more from you. Grow up: “@ebertchicago: So what's the deal with magic Mormon underwear?

— Sean Noble (@seannobledc) July 7, 2012

I dare you to ask that about 72 virgins, Mr. “Edgy.” RT @ebertchicago: So what's the deal with magic Mormon underwear?

— RB (@RBPundit) July 7, 2012

What's the deal with Obama & Wright for 20 years? RT @ebertchicago: So what's the deal with magic Mormon underwear?

— Derek Hunter (@derekahunter) July 7, 2012

Ebert’s fellow travelers, however, embrace the bigotry.

@ebertchicago I'm sorry, but I will not vote for someone who believes in this nonsense.

— Conner Tolley (@CheepBastard) July 7, 2012

Now, if the RW wants 2 talk religion we can start w/ magic underwear, golden tablets, humans turned alien Gods w/multi-wives…I can go on.

— Tina (@trcfwtt) July 8, 2012

@ebertchicago having a religious belief dies not entitle the believer to never hear their belief questioned. Magic underwear is silly.

— Catbeller (@Catbeller) July 8, 2012

Free magic underwear with Romneycare.

— Mikey M (@frelling_cute) July 8, 2012

To Mitt's horse @RafalcaRomney Does Mittens make you wear Magic-Mormon-Underwear under your million dollar Saddle?!? #MittMoronMormon4Ever

— corvetteBeth (@corvetteBeth) July 8, 2012

More than 50 years has passed since a hero of the Left, President John F. Kennedy, gave a speech discussing his religion and his candidacy. Yet, the Left is still persecuting people for religious beliefs. Now with more gay-bashing insinuations: Tolerance!

Evidently, to the Left, it is “Mormons need not apply.”

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What Happened When This Rugby Player Went On Live TV Is Painful And Embarrassing

The one thing that no one tells you about arm wrestling is that it can actually be pretty dangerous. Most of us get into good-natured contests where the real struggle only lasts for a few seconds before one person gives in.

However, when two strong people go head-to-head in a serious match, things can get intense in a hurry. In these situations, it’s surprisingly easy for one false move to leave one or both of the contenders with serious injuries…something these two arm wrestlers learned on live television.

Warning: this is not for those with weak constitutions!

That’s going to hurt in the morning. Luckily, the victim (professional rugby player Ben Ross) was able to make a full recovery.

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Sally Kohn: is better than Best Buy; Lib idiocy nutshelled!/sallykohn/status/407542596853329920

Sally Kohn tweeted out double absurdity today. So, there was that tweet: Work shmork! Who needs it?!/billvanglahn/status/407545007688933376

Zing! Unintentional honesty from Ms. Kohn?

That was a double-down on idiocy after this ridiculous tweet:!/sallykohn/status/407538809052868608 is totally better than or something. Oh sweetie. Is that to be the new talking point to spin away the Obamacare website debacle? That’s so precious.!/GordonJ1/status/407542665543036929

Seriously, what is the point? Plus, it’s completely wrong to boot. As Twitchy reported, is still full of fail. Kind Twitter users helped her out there:!/LeftyBollocks/status/407541732545265665

There is your boom, Ms. Kohn.

Was that tweet yet another bit of unintentional honesty summing up liberal “thinking”?!/joanneleon/status/407536666681700352

Hey, it’s not like Best Buy built that anyway, right libs?

By the way, looky here:!/StevenTDennis/status/407540438271160321

Kohn “boom” fail and private sector win.


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Full Twitchy coverage of Sally Kohn

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Rio Olympics: Yogeshwar loses first round of 65kg freestyle wrestling

In a massive heartbreak for India, wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt slumped to a shock defeat in the men’s 65kg freestyle qualification round bout against Ganzorigiin Mandakhnaran of Mongolia at the Rio Olymp

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